October 19, 2016
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With roughly just six weeks before Christmas, you must be one of the many who are making lists of people to give gifts to, poring over  Xmas shopping catalogues for gift ideas or stressing over the not-yet-there Christmas bonus for your holiday shopping budget.

And while waiting for that bonus can test your patience, you can easily pass away the time by thinking what gift ideas could work around your Christmas shopping budget. Well, no more problem, rabatterbjudande cdon is there for you! There are so many ideas over the Internet already that doing a simple search would result with an overwhelming list but there is one often overlooked idea that is actually the most practical, cost-efficient, appreciated and thoughtful gift you can give – FOOD.

Food items may have a perishable shelf life but you are guaranteed that your gift will be consumed and used. Most of us underestimate the value of quality good food baskets, especially those that families do not get to experience themselves quite often but ask yourself this questions: Which Christmas gifts have you really appreciated? Aren’t those little boxes of homebaked cookies, jars of jams and spices, baskets of holiday treats often gone even before the new year begins? What would you prefer to receive – small trinkets that would most likely just take up more clutter around the house or food that is sure to be consumed and appreciated not only by you but by your whole family and house guests? or even driving experience gifts to have some fun?

Christmas gift baskets and artisan food jars are usually the food gift choices during the holidays. Most companies give away food baskets to its employees and artisan food delicacies are passed around during exchange gift parties. Here are some ideas to spruce up your Christmas good gift ideas and get your mind (and tummy) rolling:

  1. Do a themed basket. Do a wine and cheese basket for those with the palate for it, indulge in all things chocolate for the sweet tooth – mix a variety of flavors and an odd ball such as chilli chocolate to make it stand out.
  2. Don’t do all food items – throw in a useful item in your basket. You can throw in a cheese board platter in the wine and cheese basket or a wine opener! Package your appetizers in a picnic basket for reusing. Wrap homebaked goodies into nice, embroidered or even personalized napkins so your recipients can have their own at home.
  3. Make it personal. If you are giving a homebaked goodie, why not print a little recipe card with it and go even further – give little jars of ingredients with a note that says you can have a little baking date together if your recipients wants to? If you are giving a movie-themed basket of popcorn, hotdogs and drinks, why not give free movie tickets or better yet, a Netflix subscription? Go with the whole package – they will surely be blown away with your idea – and effort.

Christmas shopping catalogues have these ideas online. They even curate ideas for you and package it for selling, saving you the time and effort to curate each item. Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!

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