November 5, 2011
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Did you know that now you can easily send cake by mail?  Yup!  Besides giving your friends or family the freshest cakes, you save yourself from the trouble of delivering your Christmas gifts one by one. It’s incredible, I know, now I am no longer limited to sending useful outdoor equipment by mail, I can send cake!  I used to bake goodies during the holidays and hubs and I usually reserve a few days just to deliver them to each and every one of them; you know how the traffic can get too heavy during these times.  This year I thought of ordering ready-made cakes and look how yummy and beautiful they look.

Chocolate Velvet Boule

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

Chocolate & Vanilla Cupcakes

They are too beautiful, right?  I couldn’t believe that they cost less than if I bake them myself.  My friends and family will definitely fall in love with these pretty cakes.

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