May 23, 2009
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Two years ago, the mother-in-law of my best friend who’s based in Canada passed away due to a stroke. She was 55. It happened right in their home while she was preparing supper.   Her husband usually goes for a walk in the morning, but on that particular day, he went out in the afternoon because he had a meeting with some friends that morning.  My best friend was in the office so her MIL was left alone in the house.  It was only when her BIL got home that they knew of what happened, but it was already too late.  Her MIL laid lifeless on the kitchen floor.

This is the kind of an unfortunate event that could have been prevented if only they had known about Medical Alert.  I don’t know if this gadget was already available at that time but right now, it is used by many to protect the elderly and to prevent unfortunate events from happening.

It’s a device specially made for people in their senior years or for those who are suffering from an illness. The Medical Alert company recently launched two new products: the Fall Alert Detector and GPS Tracking Bracelet. The fall alert detector alerts an emergency personnel that they had an accident, had fallen and can’t even push a button. It tracks the body movement and detects a slip or fall and automatically calls for help if something has happened and the person can’t move. Even intruders are detected. It automatically alerts the police if intruders were detected. It also features reminders where a live person reminds them of doctor’s appointments, when to take their meds, events and will give them personal assistance.

The GPS tracking bracelet with 2-way speaker phone can be used like a cellphone to call for help. If the person wearing it ever wanders outside the specified zone, it will alert you or the emergency call center. This will assure you that your loved one will get help immediately in case of emergency. Accidents and unfortunate events do happen, and it’s good that we now have a device like this to protect our loved ones.

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