June 5, 2016
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Teeth whitening is definitely wonderful. We will think about this as we all want white teeth. When referring to all cosmetic dentist procedures, teeth whitening is definitely the really common one. The problem is that you cannot simply go to the dentist and be sure that no problems will appear. Your teeth will only remain white if you know what to do. Unfortunately for many that love food, there are foods that have to be avoided.

Teeth will quickly end up with plaque and stains if you do not take care of them properly. This is especially the case when referring to teeth whitening. What many do not know is that the teeth become more sensitive after the procedure is done. This practically means that changing eating habits become a necessity.

If you went through teeth whitening and you want to keep your teeth as white as possible for a long period of time, here is what you have to avoid, according to data offered by Desert Family Dental.


Acidic Foods And Beverages

After the teeth whitening procedure is over, it is possible to feel gum pain and irritation. In this case, it is vital that you avoid the acidic beverages and foods. In quite a similar way, the drinks with low pH will have to be removed from your diet. Examples of drinks and foods that have to be removed include oranges, pickles, lemons, vinegar, grapefruits and soft drinks. You basically need to remove these beverages and foods because saliva acidity would end up being increased. Gum pain is quite common when this happens, in some cases people even have to visit the pain management doctors in fort worth to relief the pain.

Foods That Stain

Simply because your teeth are white now does not mean that this will keep being the case in the future. You have to be sure that you avoid all the foods and spices that would stain teeth. This is actually a really good idea even if you do not use teeth whitening.

Unfortunately, if you love Asian food, you will want to cut down on many dishes, especially those that include staining spices. The common staining foods that have to be avoided after teeth whitening are tomato sauce, soy sauce and dark chocolate. At the same time, avoid eating blueberries, dark marinades, balsamic vinegar and beets. During the bleaching process, the dentists also recommend avoiding Indian and Spanish cuisines.

Dark Foods And Drinks

While many know about the staining foods, few are aware of the necessity to remove dark drinks and foods from the diet. The good news is that you mainly want to avoid consuming the dark drinks as the foods are not so common. Examples you want to take into account include wine, coffee and tea.

As you can easily notice, it is a really good idea to be careful about what you eat after teeth whitening. While oral hygiene is really important, it will not help you out too much if you do not actually focus on what is consumed. Teeth will not remain white and you basically went through the procedure without gaining the benefits for a long time.

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One response to “Avoid These Foods After Teeth Whitening”

  1. jasmine says:

    Hi Liz,

    My tips for a bright smile and whiter teeth is to avoid drinking beverages, clean your tongue that will stain them and to use whitening toothpaste.

    Thanks for a great article

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