November 27, 2010
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Did you know that blemished produce packs more nutrients?  Recent research shows noshing on overripe fruits or blemished peppers can increase your vitamin intake. Soft fruits have more antioxidants.

A mango at its peak is richest in chlorophyll catabolites, that neutralize toxins, flush water weight and enhance the liver’s fat-burning ability.

Tomatoes with healed-over cracks near the stem are not old.  The dry cracks mean they grew in unusually dry conditions.  They contain more B vitamins that boost the liver’s ability to convert dietary sugars and starches into cellular energy by as much as 30%, plus they improve focus, memory and mood.

The dark dots on green pepper mean they have more vitamin C.  They are also sweeter and less acidic than their flawless counterparts.

Plus, you usually get blemished produce at a much lower price since a lot of people refuse to buy it.  So you get more of the benefits without spending much.

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