January 20, 2011

Later in the afternoon, Mai and I will be back at the hospital.  Not the ER this time but the Out Patient Department.  Nothing really major, just a follow up check up on her UTI.

We rushed her to the ER last week when she complained of an achy back.  The woman in cotton scrubs immediately asked her to lie down and told her to wait for the doctor.  A few minutes later, a man in scrubs approached her and started asking questions.  I didn’t realize that he was the doctor on duty because I was looking for someone in white lab coats.  That’s what doctors used to wear, right?

Going back to my story, the doctor suspected UTI after questioning and examining her.  She was asked to go to the laboratory for a urinalysis just to make sure.  Turned out he was right and gave her medication for a week.  Mai is still not so well but her condition improved a lot after taking medications.  I’m praying for a positive result later.  I’ll update you guys, don’t worry.


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