May 30, 2009
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According to the article I’ve read, there is no science to support the urban legend that foods like chocolate or pizza cause acne.  You may not know it but the culprit could be hiding in your cosmetic case or bathroom.  Makeup, soaps, shampoos or even laundry detergents can sometimes cause a reaction that produces acne.  If you have recently switched brands, go back to your old ones.

Still, having a regular diet is the best way to avoid acne.  It is advised to have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.  And always take salad along with your food. It’s a good source of fiber and keeps you away from constipation which could lead to excessive toxin release.  Try to limit your intake of refined sugar, carbohydrates and fried food. These foods give good platform for acne to flourish.

If the acne persists, see a dermatologits.  Your doctor will be able to recommend the best treatments for acne.  She can determine if your breakouts are due to rosacea or hormonal fluctuations.  Both can be treated with acne creams.

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