June 9, 2009
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At 143 pounds, I know that I am big, although my weight was never an issue in my inner circle (my family).  Over time I stopped thinking about my size as well.  For years, I was too busy and stressed to focus on my health.  I was always taking care of my family and my small business.  And if for some, drinking is their way to escape feeling out of control, mine is eating.  I’m an emotional eater and I eat for comfort.

I am seriously considering weight loss pills because I barely have time to exercise.  I have tried dieting but it only got me frustrated losing some and end up gaining more that I’d lost.  I’m getting older and I know I should start losing the extra pounds to avoid future health problems.  I have asked my doctor friend about it and he’s helping me out.  I will keep you updated next time. 🙂

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