June 28, 2009

More and more people now are trying to eat healthy.  Staying away from processed foods, sugary treats and salty foods is a good step.  I’m sure you already know that processed foods contain a lot of preservatives which causes some cancers.  Researchers at the Children’s Hospital in Boston also concluded that children who eat processed foods have an increased rate of developing liver disease.  So the next time you are in the grocery shopping for food supplies, think twice before you pick up those canned goods and frozen processed meats.  Think about all the fat, sodium and preservatives you will be serving to your family.  Stop buying this kind of foods and switch to a healthy diet.

To ensure that you and your family are getting complete nutrition, serve dishes that contain a combination of the five groups of vegetable – leafy greens (spinach, lettuce, kangkong, etc); seeds (mongo, edamame, lima bean, etc.); root crops (sweet potato, onion garlic, taro, yam); sprouts (bamboo shoots, mushroom, bean sprouts, etc.); and fruit vegetables (tomato, squash, chayote, okra, bitter gourd, sponge gourd, etc).  These are all health foods.  Lean meats, fish, whole-wheat grains, fruits, eggs and dairy may also be included in your daily diet. Dr Oz introduced forskolin diet on T.V a while back. It got me thinking about these recipes and I thought you should know, it’s not that hard!

So how do those health foods sound to you?  Boring?  Some people get the idea of dry and tasteless food when the word “health” is connected to it.  Healthy does not mean boring, health food is a term that implies there are certain health benefits to be obtained by eating particular foods.  These foods are full of nutrients and contain no ingredients that are toxic to the body.

For a complete list of health foods, their benefits, how to stay fit and yummy health food recipes, click on the links.  Remember, the better the quality of food you put in your body, the better, the  healthier and you lower your risk of developing diseases in the future.


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