June 27, 2014
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So you know that you need calcium to have healthy bones. Whether you take them naturally (drink milk and eat dairy) or you take daily supplements, calcium is your way to stronger bones. But, did you know that it’s not all you need to prevent and fight Osteoporosis? You need other nutrients to build better quality bones.


Consuming lots of fruits (especially citrus) and vegetables will help calcium take care of your bones. Vitamin D is also an important nutrient that will keep your bones healthy. Vitamin D levels in older women drops and low levels will make things worse. Talk to your doc about this, so he can recommend the right supp for you.

I also stumbled upon a Save Our Bones Review while surfing the web. Apparently, the program will help you battle the disease by means of reversing it. This is done by using the right kinds of nutrition, lifestyle change and through exercise. Save Our Bones believes that you can stave off or fight Osteoporosis without taking drugs.

Several studies show that chemical based meds can make your skeleton more fragile and weaken it, thus, increasing the risk of fractures. The experts behind Save Our Bones understands that bones are living tissues and can regenerate themselves and this is what they use to reverse osteoporosis.

The program consists of three steps. The first step is about understanding one’s own bone health. A step by step guide is provided to help a patient determine this. The second step will help you understand how to use steroids. You will also get help in identifying the kind of food that should be avoided in order to avoid further bone loss and the kinds of food you should add to your diet. The last step is a bone health action plan which includes incorporating foods that nourish the bones. Some supplements may also be added to help accelerate the increase in bone density.

For more information about this program, you may click on the link to visit the website. To purchase, click on Save Our Bones Coupon Code to get a special discount.

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