March 22, 2012
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Some ways of preventing compulsive eating. 

Compulsive eating disorder is not as uncommon as some people may think. With the growing number of people suffering from obesity, it should not be a surprise that a lot of people are struggling with compulsive eating and would want to know how to stop binge eating.

Compulsive eating, also known as binge eating, is sometimes referred to as a form of addiction – addiction to food. Those who suffer from compulsive eating disorder have many episodes of binge eating or uncontrolled eating. During these episodes, they consume food way past the point of being full and they feel like they cannot control the urge to eat.

Most health professionals think that learning how to stop compulsive eating requires addressing issues with behavior and perception, very much like how addiction to other substances is addressed. If you feel like you sometimes have episodes of compulsive eating, below are some ways in which you can prevent them.


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