November 27, 2010
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With the holidays coming up, many are finding themselves spending big bucks on things like new handbags.  Others, like myself, spend time, energy, and money focused on the yummier things in life.  Finding and making the perfect holiday treats, meats, and all around eats is one of the best parts of the holiday season.

There are so many great things to make when you are talking about getting ready for holiday parties.  Just as an example, some of my friends have a pie breakfast every Thanksgiving morning.  You can’t get a whole lot better than pie for breakfast, but probably the best thing about this is that everyone who comes brings a pie.  This makes for a huge variety of delicious pre-turkey deliciousness.

When deciding what pie to bring myself, it is a hard decision. A classic pumpkin pie would be great—but I have to wonder how many others will be bringing one.  Another idea that came to me was key lime pie.  Unfortunately, this is a specialty of the hostess, so I’ve decided to leave that one to her.  In the end, what I ultimately decided was a little classic, with my own flair added in.  I decided on a pumpkin cinnamon chocolate chip cheesecake. It’s a very rich pie, and one that’s destined to be great!

Those who like to cook also like to host during the holidays. Being in control of the food and knowing that it will turn out just right is important to many people who enjoy cooking. Turkey that is cooked to perfection, mashed potatoes and gravy, candied sweet potatoes, and so much more. . . . You can’t get much better than the holidays for someone who loves to cook (and eat!).

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