January 14, 2011

I got a call from my niece Nikki, asking for some advice.  She is not really a relative, she is the daughter of my sister’s friend but they’ve been very close to us, they’re like family.  Nikki just gave birth to a baby girl, a few days ago.  She named her Zoey, and just like her mom, she is beautiful.  The new mom asked if I can give her advice on how to increase breast milk production.  I told her to include lots of malunggay  leaves in her diet.  That’s what my mom and hubs’ grandma told me when I gave birth to my first born.  I’ve heard that it’s now available in pill form.  I’ll be seeing Zola again this weekend and I hope this time I won’t forget to take photos.

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One response to “The New Mom”

  1. raft3r says:

    ang daming benefits talaga ng malungay, ano!
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