July 18, 2011
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Yesterday at the home depot while shopping for toilet accessories and internet wire cables, I found led lighting fixtures for cabinets, pantries, closets, and drawers.  If I buy them, the kids won’t struggle getting their clothes anymore because they can easily where everything is placed.  I bought several after checking if I can them install them myself.  Hubs has been too busy lately it will take forever if I will have to wait for him to do it.  There was also a sale on fluorescent lighting fixtures and I also found beautiful discount ceiling fans but that will be for my next project.  I want to finish the bathrooms first then install the led lighting fixtures before beginning a new project.  I just hope they are still on sale when I go back there.

Anyway, the two bathrooms are already looking great.  I just finished putting up the wallpapers and I am about to start putting the cabinet liners.  I can’t wait to hang the matching shower curtains I bought yesterday.  Both bathrooms would look like they had a major makeover once I’m done.  I am not an expert  but the way I look at it, I think I’m doing a great job.

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