July 18, 2011
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I sent my staff to an electronics trade show. Our job entails a lot of presentations and communications. We use both projectors and laptops for our presentations. I also made available to my entire staff. company radios and cell phones. There were instances that our laptops would die on us during presentations. I am adamant to use my clients’ electricity. I had instructed them to procure extra Laptop batteries to avoid these circumstances. Those working in the field would also benefit from this. They also checked out several Cell Phone Cases. I wanted our phones to bear the company logo. They managed to get in touch with several companies that would be able to do this.

Another one of my concerns is our projection system. TV DLP Lamps often give up. It happened one time during a presentation. The screen suddenly dimmed. Our maintenance people were able to fix the issue in a matter of minutes. We now make sure that these are checked regularly to avoid another embarrassing situation. Trade shows are essential to businesses like ours. We need to always upgrade our systems. Trade shows allow us to do this. We rely heavily on electronic equipments. They are the lifeline of our company.

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