October 26, 2009

We used to have ceiling fans installed in the living and dining room of our old home.  But when we moved here, stand fans are what we had. I’m thinking of having a Minka Aire Concept II fan installed in the living room because I want more space.  You know how it is to live in a condominium, the space is very limited.  Our living room is pretty small and having two or more fans is not such a great idea.  Wall fans are out of the question, I would rather have  my cross stitch designs on them.  I want a fixture that is completely out of the way so a ceiling fan it is.  This will be perfect during those scorching hot days.

I’m choosing Minka because of its quality and workmanship.  I am very familiar with this brand because we had the old model.  I gave it away to a friend before we moved here.  She had it installed in their dining room and she says, it’s still working pretty well.  The 29″ mahogany fan will be just fine.  I don’t need anything bigger than that or else it will look like there’s a giant fan in the living room, haha.  If you’re also thinking of buying a ceiling fan, check out the Minka website, the fans are offered at discounted prices right now.


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