June 25, 2009
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A Wireless Security Camera is not really in our budget.  But because we’ve been hearing a lot of news about crimes and just the other day about a gang who stole a whole ATM machine, hubs is really worried he insisted on it. I figured he is right and yes, it is better safe than sorry. Money has become so hard that these heartless criminals would do anything to get what they want. Our neighbors hired a private investigator from discreetinvestigations.ca, because they feared that someone was stalking their home at night, sometimes having a private investigator can really make the difference.

I searched the web for a home security device that would fit our budget and I was surprised to find out that it doesn’t really cost that much.  I thought I would use up the money I have been saving for my kids’ next tuition fee payment.  It turned out that you can get a home security alarm starting at $60.00.  What’s more?  The new device does not require new wires.

Hubs chose the Color Digital Wireless Surveillance System with Indoor/Outdoor Night  Vision Security Camera. It easily connects to any tv monitor or DVR/DVD recorder wirelessly. It’s small, very handy and can easily be concealed. I’m glad hubs insisted on it. At least now we both can sleep soundly at night, knowing that our home is safe from intruders. How about you?  Have you installed a home security device in your home?

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