March 16, 2012

One thing I like most about shopping for luxury bed linen online is variety of styles, designs and colors.  I like putting light colored ones in my bedroom because these colors emit a lighter and somewhat calm mood.  I also like white because everything looks so clean in white, and it make look my bedroom look big.

Juggling work, kids, household chores and preparing food can leave me feeling stressed; but it’s instantly gone once I see our dainty and calm bed at night.  My favorite sheets are the ones I got from The White Company; the Montebello Cappuccino Bed Linen Collection.

It’s made in Italy but it’s fairly priced.  The sheets are so smooth and they feel silky on my skin. Hubs and I always have a good night’s sleep with these sheets and wake up fresh and rejuvenated.  There’s nothing like waking up at the right side of the bed!

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