August 4, 2012

When my sister told me that my favorite nephew was planning to propose to his girlfriend of three years, Diana on his 30th birthday, I knew at once that I can confidently recommend Whiteflash.com, a very reliable online jewelry store where I purchased a special necklace for my wife when we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

For months, I had been pouring over the online catalogues of hundreds of websites that offered diamond jewelry and I chanced upon the whiteflash website. It instructed me to “just click here” and engagement rings in all shapes and sizes were pictured on the page that opened up. Needless to say, I was very much impressed by the engagement rings presented on that one page so I went on to open all the pages that showed all the different types of engagement rings that they had in their collection.

Enthralled by the elegance and beauty of the designs of their engagement ring collection, I spent a substantially long time pouring over the pages of these items. Then I realized that I was in the market for a necklace, not an engagement ring as my wife and I were way past that stage in our relationship. But if I had known about whiteflash.com when my wife and I got engaged, for sure I would have bought her engagement ring from them.

I was happy to recommend the website to my only sister when I heard she was helping out my nephew, William to choose an engagement ring for the princess of his heart, Diana. I excitedly brought out my laptop and went straight to the website. I first showed my sister our favorite accessory the diamond pendant and necklace set that I had gifted my wife on our 25th wedding anniversary and she said it was a exquisite piece of jewelry and she was sure my wife was very pleased to have received it from me. Then I showed her their jewelry collection and she was audibly gasping at every design I opened. After a couple of hours of going back and forth to the different designs of engagement rings the site had to offer, she came up with a short list of designs that she specially liked.

When my nephew came home that evening, my sister excitedly showed him the jewelry site I recommended. William quietly looked at my sister’s shortlist then announced that before he made a decision, he thought it best to consult the one person he was sure would be able to accurately tell him which one Diana would prefer, her mother Victoria. My sister agreed saying that was a really good idea and she said it would be good to bring his future mother-in-law in the loop of the planning for the engagement cum birthday party which was barely three months away.

The next day, William, together with my sister, had lunch with Diana’s mother, Victoria. Needless to say, the latter was in tears when William told her of his intentions. Naturally, she agreed to work with William and my sister to ensure that the engagement party would be a complete success.


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