October 13, 2012
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It has been a few weeks but Andrew and I were still nowhere near finding the right ring for Anna. The diamond ring would be Andrew’s gift to Anna on their 10th wedding anniversary. I had been helping Andrew who happens to be my nephew because he is totally clueless when it comes to jewelry whereas I had been an enthusiast and collector since my teens.

Andrew had been checking out the diamond jewelry collections on online catalogues to search for the design which he feels would best suit his wife’s lifestyle. He had determined that halo diamond rings and three-stone diamond rings would be the two best choices insofar as design is concerned. I agreed with him on these choices because now that I knew that Anna’s position at the hotel where she worked required her to attend a lot of formal functions and banquets, a design that would make the diamond look bigger than its actual size would certainly be ideal.

At this point, though, it was time for Andrew to take a look at the diamond clarity more closely. Andrew already knew that more than anything else, it is the clarity which determines the price of the diamond. The online catalogues he had been browsing through for days now had a collection of loose diamonds a client can choose from and have them set the stone on the particular setting the client favors. The catalogues listed the prices of the stones as well as the clarity grading, a fact that Andrew found particularly helpful as they gave him an idea what kind of budget he would have to prepare for Anna’s ring.

Watching Andrew browse through the collections, it was evident that he wanted the best that he could afford for Anna. He wanted nothing less than a one-carat diamond with a clarity grade of VVS1 or VVS2. I pointed out to him that diamonds of this clarity grade are very hard to find. And even if we could find one, it would be way too expensive and might not be within his budget, considering that he would be putting in much more than just one diamond. There would likely be more diamonds that he needed to pay for and, at the end of the day, the ring might cost more than $10,000 which he said is the amount he was prepared to shell out for this special ring. Andrew saw the wisdom in what I pointed out so he agreed to settle for a one-carat diamond with a clarity grading of VS1 or VS2 which would already cost him upwards of $4,000.

I suggested that we visit Hugo once again so that we can get his views on what size of diamonds would be best to set around the center diamond. That would also give Andrew a good idea how much the halo diamond ring would more or less cost. Hugo would also be able to give us a rough estimate of how much a three-stone diamond ring would cost Andrew. As such, Andrew would have a stable point of comparison between the two designs he was looking at. Secretly, I was telling myself that we also had to determine the color but that again would be for another day.

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One response to “Diamond Clarity and Pricing”

  1. Emille says:

    Hi Liz -very interesting -I know nothing about diamonds:)

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