January 19, 2013
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When you are outfitting your man cave there is one thing you need after the television and that is a decent drip coffee maker. A Tassimo® brewer is the ideal solution, especially if you have limited kitchen facilities – it only needs an electrical outlet and a water source which could even be water in a pitcher from the house. Since you want to chill in your man cave you won’t want to go out and buy more coffee – a K-Cup® coffee carousel makes it easy to stock up on coffee so you will never miss the game or that important play.

If you don’t know about on demand coffee makers you are missing the boat – they make it easy to brew coffee one cup at a time whenever you want. Since they brew directly into your mug or cup there is no coffee pot to wash plus you don’t need to mess around with flimsy coffee filters or worry about scooping and measuring coffee – leave that behind in the kitchen. Instead you pop a coffee insert in the machine, position your mug and press a button – it’s almost like the remote control on your television only easier because in less than a minute you have a piping hot, fresh and flavorful cup of coffee.


With a variety pack of coffee you can have regular and decaffeinated coffee along with flavored coffee and a wide array of coffee roasts; most in demand brewers will also make tea, hot chocolate and eve chai if you want to get fancy or maybe let the ladies into the man cave every now and again. Just don’t let on how easy it is to brew great coffee or before you know it your on demand coffee maker will be in the kitchen and you’ll be in the dog house.

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