March 18, 2013
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Don’t you just love movie nights that are spent at home instead of at the cinema? I know I do, especially since it’s not just free, it also means I’ll be sitting or lying comfortably on our sofa without worrying about how I look or how loud I react. Movie nights are also the perfect excuse to just stay at home and catch up with your favorite people while watching your favorite movies, too!

Of course, movie nights at home wouldn’t be complete without popcorn! I usually end up making too many batches of popcorn in the microwave since my family doesn’t just like different flavors of popcorn, we also prefer it in massive proportions, you know, so we don’t have to stop and refill our bowls time and time again.

But the thing with making many batches of microwave popcorn is that it’s not only time consuming, but pretty expensive too. For months I have been trying to work my way around my popcorn dilemma, until I discovered whirley pop.  It’s an awesome popcorn making machine that creates delicious movie theater style popcorn within minutes. They also sell gourmet seasonings so you can flavor your popcorn to suit your family’s liking. My new popcorn machine is one more reason to look forward to movie nights at home.

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