October 30, 2009
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We’re having another long weekend here because of two holidays; All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day.  The family has put off the plan of visiting our dead relatives for next weekend instead.  Another typhoon is coming and the expected landfall is Saturday, I’m sure Loyola will be soaked and muddy.  Going there with so many people is not such a good idea, traffic would be heavy too.  So for this weekend, we will just be staying home.

Daughter is suggesting we bake some cookies and brownies so I went looking for the hand mixer I kept in the old cabinet.  And if not for that, I wouldn’t notice that I have collected a lot of kitchen appliances over the years that are just collecting dust inside the cabinet.  I have even totally forgotten about the slow cooker I got from my mom as a gift many years ago.  Hmm, I wonder why I have not used it and kept it there for a long time, I could have used it to make yummy meals on days I don’t have much time to cook.  I took out the box and also found the slow cooker cookbooks that I kept inside.  All the while, they were just sitting there where I could have made a lot of delicious food and tried out new recipes. Dang!

Starting next week, that slow cooker will be very busy.  I’ll make sure of that.  🙂

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