June 26, 2009
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Despite gusty winds and rain showers brought about by the typhoon, yesterday was a terrific day for all of us. We received some great news form hubs’ uncle who dropped by the house yesterday morning. He asked hubs to sign some documents. Hubs is inheriting a small resort in Mindoro! Uncle Manoling informed us that construction will start in a few months, everyone got really excited. Who would have thought we’ll be owning a resort? This is such a great blessing, we lost the apartment last year but God replaced it with a resort.
It may take some time before we could open up and become fully operational but hubs said I should start canvassing for the things we will be needing, so I thought I’d start with the dining area and the kitchen. I used to buy dinnerware and baking gadgets at Gourdo’s, but times have changed a lot and those expensive pieces are just too much for me, besides, we will just be starting out. I found some sites that offer functional and quality kitchen appliances, but I took note of one particular site that offers everything that I will be needing. It’s a one stop shop, they sell everything from flatware to dinnerware, kitchen to baking appliances, hand mixers, stand mixers, name it and you’ll surely find it there. Their prices are much lower compared to other sites I’ve checked. Can’t wait to tell this to hubs and the kids, I’m sure they’ll get more excited. Will give you more updates next time.

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2 responses to “Truly Blessed”

  1. Ebie says:

    Good luck with your future resort!

  2. juliana says:

    what an exciting business venture that will be. good luck sis!

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