October 27, 2010
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We all want  to have a beautiful and perfect skin.  Many of us are spending a great deal of money just to look good.  But beware. This is a warning I read on Birth Order Plus and I’m sharing it with my reader, not because a product is popular, it means it is effective.   We have to be very careful with products we put or  slather on our skin. I heard that there are acne creams that contain acutane.  Don’t use it if it does. Even the smallest amount of this can cause you mental and physical problems.

Acutane is a synthetic form of vitamin A and it works to control the production of oil.  A lot of Accutane Lawsuit have been filed against the manufacturers and dealers of this product.  It’s actually the first time I’ve heard of these cases but I’m not really surprised because I know there are a lot of pending beauty products cases, Trayslol lawsuit, and other beauty enhancement cases.  Please be very careful when choosing a product, check the label before you even consider putting them on your skin.  It also helps to perform a skin test.  🙂

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