February 17, 2011

I had a cousin who used to work  as a crew of  an oil tank liner.  He was  a radio officer and as his job title says, he was responsible of all the communication operation on their ship and that also includes repair.  The job paid him well and he was able to provide for his family and send his kids to the best schools while he was on board the ship.  Unfortunately, he didn’t last long on the ship because of hearing impairment.  Operating the ship’s radio and wearing the headphones for a long period of time slightly damaged his hearing. An Offshore Injury Lawyer helped him with his claims. He won the case and used the compensation to open a small business back home.  The company also shouldered his medication bills.  His present earnings may not be as big as what he earned while on board, still, it’s enough to provide for his family’s needs and send his kids to school.

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