March 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

A popular street food in Singapore made with flat rice noodles.  It’s a little spicy but it was good.  If you ever visit Singapore or Malaysia, you should try this one.


12 responses to “MYM/RT/WW – Char Kway Teow”

  1. lina@women says:

    I can imagine its taste 🙂

  2. Gattina says:

    Another delicious plate ! I am getting hungry !

  3. Kim,USA says:

    Wow that is yummy!


  4. Ralph says:

    The spice may be strong, so the starchy noodles can offset the heat – I think I see dome flat dried chili peppers, which would explain all that heat!

    This looks fabulous and tasty – a treat!

  5. Now I will have to stop and go get some supper. Your photo reminded me I had forgotten to eat this evening. But, I’m sure whatever I find in the fridge will not compare to this delight.

  6. chubskulit says:


    Please come and have some strawberries at my blog. Your comment will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  7. Mona says:

    street food really? look delicious ..

  8. I’ll have to keep this in mind!

  9. Spicy noodles are well suited to easily be transformed into a yummy vegan dish.

  10. emzkie says:

    oh my! this looks good! yum!

    visiting u back from RT2

  11. Myrna says:

    Look very yummy! Great Pic!