September 29, 2009
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It’s been fifteen years since my husband got officially involved in bowling. For all those years, he’s been the association’s tournament director and youth development director.  He used to travel a lot and has met a lot of friends from around the globe, all because of bowling.

Though he is still the tournament director, he is not as active as before.  We still have our weekly league and the once-a-week youth training.  But his friends from abroad remain in constant contact with him.  Sometimes he’s even surprised that he’ll suddenly receive a box of Backwoods cigars, a box of chocolate., and even an invite to visit them.

He was not paid as a tournament director but that’s alright because he loves what he’s doing. He does everything from taking care of the league,  the scores, the open tournaments, the international tournaments, and still he gets the brunt of complaints all the time.  But all that taught him a lot and the best thing is,  he gained a lot of friends.

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