August 23, 2011
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My husband and his partner Arthur are busy packing the materials their client needs for the launching of his new product.  Hubs and his partner are the ones who designed and printed the brochures and handouts.  They were also requested to make several posters.  For the last three weeks, the two were busy rushing all the materials. Specialty Signs offer vinyl signage in New York City.  Now they are done and they need to pack all the stuff so they can send them out tomorrow.  The handouts and brochures are being packed in poly mailers.

Later, when I’m finished here, I’ll be helping them put the posters in shipping tubes.  Some of the banners they did will also be placed in poly tubing.   Another friend is supplying them these packing materials.  The partners make sure all orders are delivered to their clients without any damages.  Their clients don’t mind the extra payment for shipping because they know the guys will only deliver good quality printed materials and they always arrive on time.

Both hubs and Arthur have been in this business a long time.  It’s not a big business but they are never out of work.  After they are done with one project, a new one comes.  Most of their clients are old customers and they always get a bonus every time they deliver the materials way ahead of time.  Tomorrow, for sure, they’ll get another bonus.

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