April 23, 2014

When planning a big event, your focus is probably on plates, decorations and cutlery, not toothpicks. But did you know that a few simple skewers can completely revolutionize the way you serve your guests? Here are five reasons toothpicks will come in handy at your next party.

1: Shish Kabobs

Serve your finger foods as shish kabobs to keep your tables neat and orderly. As a bonus, you’ll also eliminate or at least significantly reduce napkin consumption, saving you money and clean-up later.

2: Cocktails

Everyone loves an olive, but unless you have toothpicks handy, it’s going to get messy in a bad way. You might also consider adding skewered berries or other small fruits to exotic cocktails.

3: Tasters

Offering a strange dish? Let your guests try it out before adding a large amount to their plates. Not only are toothpicks less expensive than plastic forks, but they’re also more convenient and maneuverable.

4: Pastries

Reduce crumbs by poking a hole in your doughnuts and eclairs with easy-to-use skewers. You don’t have to use regular toothpicks, either. A few knotted bamboo toothpicks will work just as well while also adding style to the presentation.

5: Favors

If you’re planning a wedding or throwing a birthday bash, the guests will expect party favors. Thankfully, you can put all kinds of gifts on the end of a stick, including sweet sucker candy or fragrant oils.

These are just five ways that toothpicks can turn a dull event into a unique and delightful celebration. Don’t be afraid to experiment with even more!

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