July 7, 2015
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Fresh seafood is a tasty addition to a meal. Seafood lovers who do not live near the ocean will be delighted to discover they can buy a variety of fresh seafood from an online retailer.


Fresh Seafood

Tuna, halibut, sea scallops and shrimp are a few of the types of fish available here. Yellowtail snapper, grouper and swordfish are some of the types of fish that are caught off the coasts of the United States. Seafood from farther away includes Chilean sea bass, Scottish salmon, Australian barramundi and Tasmanian steelhead.


People who are looking for seafood for a romantic dinner can buy several varieties of seafood for two. A seafood sampler package has lobster tails, shrimp and stone crab claws. Customers can also order packages with medium, large or jumbo stone crab claws for two. Those who are planning a dinner party may be interested in a package of fresh fish that will serve six or having a group of Dinner collection recipes for just in case. This package has salmon fillets, tuna steaks and swordfish steaks. A package that will serve four has shrimp, snapper filets, lobster tails and stone crab claws.

Gift Baskets

Shoppers who are looking for a unique gift can buy a gift set with three types of Osetra caviar, blini and small spoons. A gift set with American caviar has four types of caviar, blini and small spoons.

Fast Delivery

Customers can place orders before noon EST Monday through Thursday to have their seafood delivered the next day. Weekend delivery is not available. The seafood is shipped in a cooler that keeps it fresh.

Being able to order seafood online and have it delivered the next day makes it easy to plan a menu and prepare a delicious meal. Seafood recipes are available on the website of the retailer. People can click here for more information.

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