November 16, 2012
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There are hundreds of websites where you can buy seafood online but by far, one of the best I have found is sea2kitchen.com. I chanced upon the website one time when I was desperate for halibut which I was preparing for a dinner guest who was coming in from the United Kingdom. The website promised next day delivery and my need for halibut was imperative so I jumped at the chance and placed an order for halibut. I was praying that they would be true to their word and my order would arrive the next day. To my surprise, it did. I cannot describe how thankful I was for their promptness.

I have ordered seafood from sea2kitchen.com often since that one time. The people I talk to when I call are always friendly and courteous. They are always happy to answer all my questions. They offer a wide variety of seafood dishes that one can choose from without fear as they guarantee next day delivery. I have tried a good number of their prepared seafood offerings and I have not yet found one that did not please me. I love their tartar sauce and their Thai aioli. My husband is particularly fond of their smoked salmon ring. I see my relationship with them lasting for as long as I love seafood.

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