February 12, 2013
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Lobsters are everybody’s favorite and when celebrating a special occasion, a lobster dinner is always a winner. The only problem you may encounter when you decide to cook up a special lobster dinner is where to buy the freshest lobsters. Thankfully, it is no longer that difficult to find good, quality lobsters. Nowadays, there are literally dozens of lobster sellers online who offer lobsters at their freshest so that you can bring these precious jewels of the sea from the shore to your door.

You can now buy lobster online precisely because there are now so many of these online lobster sellers. They are often well-established distributors of fresh sea foods that also offer live lobsters which they can have delivered right to your doorstep. They often boast of being able to deliver live lobsters fresh from the fishing boat rental newport beach.  But before you go ahead and place a lobster order online from these sellers, you need to consider how much you need. Bigger is not necessarily better when we talk about lobsters as the bigger ones can be tough and chewy. A one-to-two-pound lobster is enough for a single person and is the ideal size. Most of these online stores have a cut-off time daily and will deliver the next day. Time your order so that the lobsters will arrive a day before the special occasion. But if you want really fresh lobster, then the only choice you have is to get one of the FLY boat Rentals to go and catch some lobster yourself.

Lobsters need to be cooked while they are still alive so be sure that there will be someone to accept them when they are delivered. You need enough room in the refrigerator to store them immediately to ensure that they stay at their freshest. Plan it so that you can cook the lobsters on the day they arrive. Compare prices before you order and always check for shipping restrictions. Bother to read the customer feedback and the company’s guarantee before ordering. If you follow these simple tips, you can be assured of a phenomenal lobster dinner to celebrate that special occasion.

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