November 18, 2009
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I recently came across an article about wearing high heels, that wearing them regularly could possibly trigger Urinary Tract Infections.  I wonder what the heels have got to do with UTI, I couldn’t believe that it could be possible.  But according to the article, regularly wearing heels exaggerates the natural forward tilt of the pelvis, creating pressure on the sensory nerves in the lower spine.  This can prevent your bladder from emptying completely and thus increase your odds of developing  UTI.

The experts recommend choosing 2 inches or lesser heels to reduce the risk if you really need to wear high heels regularly.  I think it’s also important to choose comfort over style, that’s why I love Dansko shoes!  You may be splurging on a strappy sandals but the cost is nowhere near the price your feet are going to pay for the pain they may cause you.

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