August 7, 2010
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Two weeks ago, we celebrated my father‘s birthday at an all-you-can-eat restaurant.  I didn‘t know what happened but while we were having dinner, I suddenly started sneezing (non-stop!).  I thought  there was something I smelled and that started it, but it would have stopped after a while if that was the case.  It didn’t!  I was so embarrassed, people have turned their heads on me.  It’s one of those times you wish to find the exit signs right away and just disappear.

I had to ask my husband to finish his meal right away so we could go and left the kids with my parents so they could still enjoy dinner.  The next day, I was diagnosed with a respiratory tract infection.  I got better after a few days but I swear to God I hope I didn’t spread the disease.  Had I known I’d be sick, I would have stayed at home that night.

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