March 24, 2010

Businesses rely heavily on communications. The most basic is still the trusty telephone. As technology advances, communications becomes even more diversified. One very practical system is the VOIP. More and more companies now use the business voip. The net has now become a hub for audio communication. A company used to have a closet full equipment dedicated solely for its PBX system. With the VOIP, the system is now hosted not on-site but in the premises of the provider. Remote access now eliminates installation of hardware. The system is simplified with updates and maintenance done off-site.

Cost of communication is drastically decreased. The hosted VOIP is 50 to 85 percent cheaper than traditional business phones. Even if you have several extensions, the cost is not prohibitive. You can even check the airtime every member of your staff uses. Especially designed with the small business in mind, this is system is the perfect communication service. It can even send out voice mails and call forwarding, plus you can always use the who called me option from http://whocalledme.io/ whenever you get a miss call. You can predict your monthly bill with its administratorĀ  software.

Why be a hostage of traditional phone services when you can dictate how you want to be served? Let technology help you. It is there to improve your business and increase your profit.


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