January 20, 2012
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“Mom, I’ll pass by the mall after school to buy a diabolo.”  That was what my son said before he left for school yesterday morning.  That’s the first time I heard the word and I didn’t have any idea what the heck was that.  He said it’s a Chinese yoyo and everyone at school is raving about the toy.  I tried checking it online to see how it looks.  It doesn’t seem like a yoyo to me because it looks like an hour glass made of rubber.  The first thing I asked him when he got home was the diabolo.  I was too curious on how it works because aside from the odd shape and the string, there are wooden sticks included in the toy kit.  Instead of throwing the yoyo down and pulling it back up again, you toss it in the air and catch it again with the string and the wooden sticks.  It was fun to watch him do that, no wonder kids are crazy over it.

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