July 12, 2009

My cousin-in-law is already 31, but he acts like a big child.  That is why he gets along so well with my 12 year old son, Joey.  They always have fun watching DVDs, playing with my son’s G. I. Joe dolls, and playing video games.  But some of the video games he brings over are too mature for my preteen.  The games show violent graphics, and sometimes there are foul languages.

I had to talk to my husband about it because I don’t want my son exposed to this.  So when hubs gave me the go signal that it’s alright to talk to his cousin, I did.  I told him that my son really looks up to him that is why we should avoid games with bad language or violence.  My son admires him so much that anything he brings looks really cool to him.  I also told him that I wouldn’t want Joey to think that he endorses those stuff and if necessary bring only games and learning toys suitable for a 12 year old. They can play some other things, like playing with cars, riding bikes or a scooter, there’s even a page when you can build your own called MyProScooter builder page.

Well, I’m glad he didn’t take it against me and didn’t “cry” over my little criticism.  He also promised not to bring the violent games again the next time he comes over.

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