September 5, 2013
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The world is such a diverse and complex place that it would be a shame to leave it unexplored, untasted, and unappreciated! There are endless sights, smells, sounds, and tastes to experience. Some are just down the street, and others are oceans away. Taking the time to take it all in and experience as much as possible will leave one with lasting memories and experience forever. People may think that its exhausting to move your stuff and travel around the world, not if you let Excavation and Demolition Company help you with that.

What better way to experience this diverse world than to travel around seeking out unique cuisine on every continent? Adventurers like Chantal Royer take travel to a whole new level by heading to exotic locations and tasting traditional cuisine straight from the locals. Imagine the thrill of tasting fresh sushi from the coast in Southeast Asia, homemade pasta and gravy from a grandmother’s kitchen in Italy, or a rich paella with fresh saffron grown in the Spanish cook’s own backyard garden!


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When travelling the world in pursuit of some of the best dishes, one not only discovers new tastes, but also discovers the culture of the people who prepare and eat those dishes. There’s no better way to get to know a person and their culture than to watch how they gather and prepare ingredients and bring them together as a meal.

Techniques like “zammin doz” in India where the people fill an iron pot with ingredients like fresh salmon, nuts, and spices and bury it in the ground beneath soft mud or clay. They cover the mud with hot coals and slowly roast the fish for hours beneath the surface. The result is a mouth-watering, tender fish that fully embodies the flavors of the nuts and spices.

South America is home to vastly different cuisines that come from a mix of different cultural influences from Europe to Africa, and even Asia! The indigenous people of Venezuela can trace their ancestry back to Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, and Africa. This makes for an exciting and eclectic mix of native dishes like chivo en coco, which is shredded goat cooked in coconut milk, and then topped with mashed green bananas.

If world travel is not a possibility, Americans at least have the advantage of being the world’s largest melting pot. The tastes and cultures of the world have come to America and settled in to mix and share their experiences. Sometimes the best bite of food can be found practically right in one’s own backyard!

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