May 5, 2009

It was in year 2001 when my younger sister was called for a job in  New York.  She was hesitant to accept it because even if my brother was already there, she knew that she’d be on her own.  Being our youngest, she’s used to my mom being always there for her.  We were surprised when she accepted it because she has always been mom’s baby and the “dependent” one.  Never thought she would want to be separated from her.

For a long time, she survived on ready-to-eat meals, stale bread and canned goods.  And on weekends, she would dine at different restaurants and hotels  for a decent meal.  She’s found so many places to dine in that did not cost her an arm and a leg.  Surprising isn’t it?  As New York is known to be an expensive place.  But she misses mom’s home cooking so much and she knew she couldn’t go on living like that so she found time to learn how to cook.  Now she brags, she’s a better cook than me!  She promised not only to take me New York Sightseeing but to cook for me as well when I visit.

Actually she’s been inviting me for the past three years but something always comes up and I’m not able to go.  Hopefully, next year I can finally visit her.  I’ve never been to New York and it’s one of the places I dream of visiting.  I also miss her so much and I would love to have a taste of  her yummy foods.


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