September 11, 2009
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Are you traveling with your little one?  It is not so easy to travel with a child especially when you are traveling alone.  There are so many things to bring like extra blanket, extra food, extra clothes, toys and activity kits, a travel bed or a car seat, etc.  Toddlers love to explore, and with so many things in tow, it is hard to always keep an eye on them.  It would be advisable to have them wear a harness buddy.  This cute travel buddy will keep your child close and safe.

It functions as stuffed animal, a harness and a backpack. The harness  can be removed and zipped into its own special pocket in the backpack until it is needed again.  They come in really cute designs, monkey; frog; Tigger and lion for little boys, and Minnie Mouse; Panda and Winnie the Pooh for girls.

Your kids will love these little cute and friendly animals while you have the peace of mind that your little one is right where you want him to be.  Whether you’re out window shopping, exploring amusement parks or in the airport, the harness buddy will keep them safe.  I wish I had this when my kids were much younger.  Back then I only had the harness.

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