January 5, 2018
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Although the street food culture is not as popular in Japan compared to other Asian countries like ours, Thailand or Taiwan; you can still find places where they offer their popular comfort food. There are some places where food vendors take it to the streets in packs like the ones in Namba Walk in Dotonburi Osaka and here in Arashimaya Bamboo Grove in Kyoto where there is a sort of festival every weekend.

We arrived in Arashimaya at around 11 am. It was almost lunch time and everyone was hungry. As soon as we got off the bus, you can already see the line of food kiosks and cafes. Oh, my tummy grumbled because you can already smell the different food each shop offers.

We decided not to eat at any of the restaurants because we were short of time and we wanted to try everything that we on the streets. Here are the best dishes to look out for.

Croquet is a very popular comfort food in Japan. It’s a small fried food roll covered in breadcrumbs and containing mashed potatoes with ground meat, ham, shellfish, fish, cheese, or vegetables and mixed with béchamel or brown sauce, but in Japan, croquet is usually eaten without any sauce. It’s actually good without any sauce. It was hot (which was just perfect for the cold weather) and filling.

As soon as we crossed the Arashimaya Bridge, there were more food stalls. Our eyes feasted on Yakitori, Grilled Squid, Snow Crab Sticks, sweet corn and some other food that I was not able to identify.

Thick slice of bacon on a stick!

As soon as we left the bridge, we were almost already food. But if you think we stopped there, nope. There were just too many yummy food to try.

These roasted sweet potatoes are really sweet and soft.

Coated nuts and Osembe.

Just by tasting all these made everyone in my family full. At the bus on our way to Kinkakuji Temple, my mom bought some cherry blossom flavored mochi and chestnuts.

The street food in Kyoto are just as amazing as the ones we had tried in Osaka. I know I am biased as I love Japanese food, but most of the food that I have tasted in Japan are delicious.

Have you ever been in Japan? Aside from the very rich culture and the beautiful and historical sights they have there, the street food should not be missed.

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One response to “Kyoto Street Food”

  1. Stephanie H. says:

    I love street foods. Specially the corn burned in the coal. It’s so tasty and I just love to eat it every afternoon.
    Stephanie H.´s last blog post ..Abuelo’s

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