March 25, 2011

Spring break is coming up. This early, my niece and her friends are thinking where to spend it. I asked my my friend who owns a travle agency for vacation ideas. She prepared a short list of places where my niece and friends would have really great time. We first asked them what they expect from their travel. We also asked them what kind of activities they would enjoy. Of course the budget was also considered as these kids do  not have jobs yet. Their parents are the ones sponsoring their trip.

The kids were so thrilled as my friend handed them several brochures. She also gave them options and packages which their group can avail of. Some of the packages include accommodations and food while the others offer side tours and trekking. There are also group discounts on plane tickets. Additional discounts will be for other services.

The kids are so anxious already. I promised to help them out with their parents. One of the mothers will be accompanying them while one family is thinking of joining their group. The bigger the group, the more discounts will be given. I’m sure they’ll have the time of their lives with whatever package they’ll choose.

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