March 30, 2011

My daughter who recently married is planning a visit to my sister who lives in New York. She was not able to attend the wedding because of very hectic schedule. Her husband thought it was a good idea for them to visit her instead. Knowing too well that her aunt would have very little time to take them around, she decided to take some New York Tour packages so she and her husband could experience the sights and sounds of New York during their visit. My sister wouldn’t have to worry about them while she’s at work.

It’s been a couple of years since she saw her aunt. She would also like to formally introduce her new husband to her. She would also love to threat her aunt to a dinner or two so they could do some catching up. My sister is still single and rarely sees her favorite niece. Some of our relatives are also in New York. My daughter also intends to visit them. She would love to spend some time with her cousins too.

They intend to stay for a couple of weeks. She and her husband took a month’s leave from their jobs so they can spend a lengthy honeymoon.


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