May 24, 2009
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My uncle and his fiancée are set to marry on July.  He’s leaving for the states next month to see to it that the construction of their home they bought from Phoenix New Homes is going well.  The whole family is so happy for them because they have waited for so long.  It took them a while because they had to save for their new home.  And now that everything is going as they planned, they are finally getting married.  My aunt-to-be works as a  head nurse in a hospital in Arizona.

We’re all glad their long wait is finally over. But I am going to miss his “Laing” (a dish made from taro leaves) for sure.  He cooks the best laing I’ve ever tasted!  I’ve never tried cooking it before because I was afraid it won’t turn out the way it should be.  Not cooking it correctly may make the dish itchy to your tongue and throat.  So while he is still here, I asked him to cook it and this time I paid attention to his instructions.


Here’s the recipe.



1)  Grate the coconuts. Add 1/2 cup of hot water, then squeeze the grated coconut until the milk is well extracted. Strain the pulp out of the milk and set aside as the “kakang gata ” or or the pure cocomilk. Add the remaining hot water to the squeezed pulp, and repeat the process times. You now have the milk from the second extraction.  Put the milk (second extraction only) in the pan or wok.

2) Arrange all the ingredients in the wok except for the chili, making sure that the taro leaves are on top of all the ingredients. Cover and bring to a boil. DO NOT stir until the taro leaves are cooked.  Stirring it may cause an itching sensation on your tongue and throat. When milk has reduced and it’s almost dry, add the kakang gata ,chili and salt to taste. Simmer over low heat until coconut milk turned almost into oil.

3)  Serve hot with steamed or garlic rice.

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One response to “Laing”

  1. Ebie says:

    I love laing but I do not know how to cook it. Its a good thing it is available here at the local Pinoy resto.

    Ebies last blog post..First Stop-Lone Pine, California

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