April 11, 2012
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If you are planning a wedding, then there is no doubt your are also planning your menu.  A wedding doesn’t happen very often so your naturally want to make it very special.  You would, of course want your guests to witness a beautiful and solemn wedding rites and you want them to enjoy the food as well.

Planning what to put on your wedding menu card is not very easy especially if you have to consider what your guests would prefer.  You can’t simply accommodate everyone; some of them can’t eat meat and some have allergic reactions to certain foods.  In this case, you have to have balance in your menu.

Think about how you want to serve the food; would it be a sit down dinner, a Chinese Lauriat, a buffet, or a cocktail reception style? Only when you have decided on what kind of style you want to serve your food will you be able to start planning your menu.

One of the best ones I have attended was Sarah’s (a bowling buddy) wedding.  It was a sit down dinner where guests had a choice of either rib-eye steak of chicken.  I can’t remember how many courses there were but I would say there were a lot because we’ve had hors d’ oeuvres and cocktails first while waiting for the newly weds before we were finally seated at the tables.  I remember having Bass for appetizer and then we had soup and a lot of in-between before the main dish and the heavenly dessert.  Hubs and I came home sated and we really enjoyed the meal.  Her beautiful wedding was unforgettable and so is the food.

I am not suggesting however that you should have a very expensive menu.  You can have a simple meal but still wow your guests with a great feast.  The internet provides you with so many creative menu ideas if you can’t think of any.  Click on the link to start planning your menu.

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One response to “The Best Entree on Your Wedding Menu”

  1. Bobbye says:

    The great thing about today’s weddings is that anything goes – which includes the menu.

    Personally, I always disliked the dinner part of a wedding because most were sit-down style meals with the same traditional food. Now, it is fun to see what the bride has planned for her guests to eat.

    Recently, I attended a Cocktail Party Wedding Reception. It was fun and relaxed for everyone. Plus, making a meal out of hors d’oeuvres is easy and inexpensive.

    Food stations, which have become very popular, add a new dimension to the wedding menu. With stations, guests can sample foods made to order. With choices such as a mashed potato bar with a selection of toppings; an avocado bar; a Mexican taco or burrito station; or even a soup, salad, or pasta bar, there is a food station for everyone to enjoy. The food station also provides an element of entertainment. They also encourage your guests to get up and meet each other.

    As a bride, you can definitely make a statement with your menu that goes way beyond the traditional sit-down meal.

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