September 29, 2009

The first time I heard about Crystal Singing Bowls, I said, “What?”  “Do they literally sing?”  I wondered if those bowls were battery operated.  Oh no, please don’t laugh because I really didn’t know.  I got very curious so I researched about it.  Here’s what I found…

The singing bowls originated in Nepal and Tibet but if you were to go there and ask the natives about those singing bowls they would deny any knowledge of such things. Nothing was mentioned as to why they would deny any knowledge, but if you were to enter their residence you would definitely see many singing bowls throughout the kitchen.  It could be that they do not want to share the magic of the singing bowls to other people.  Even the monks would tell you they’d never heard of the singing bowls.  But visit the monastery and you’d surely find singing bowls used as chalices or sacrificial dishes throughout the buildings.

Simply hearing the magical, haunting sound of the crystal bowls seems to awaken an ancient remembering, touching the essence of the soul. It is believed to be therapeutic.  Modern scientists and doctors are using these singing bowls in their practice with cancer patients.  But the power of the bowls doesn’t stop there.  The resonance and vibrations of the singing bowls have the ability to reach the insides of one’s body.  According to experts, the sound can do everything from making the hair on your arms stand up, to making you feel the need to sit down and let the reverberations fully envelop your entire body and all of your senses.

There is something in the sound that makes you feel at peace and relaxed.  A calming sense that envelops your body, that is why it is a perfect companion to your meditation and relaxation exercises.  Although a bit pricey, just imagine the inner calm you’ll enjoy once you use this crystal bowls.


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