May 15, 2017

.This should have been posted a few ago, but it’s only now that I found the time to do so. Sorry again my dear readers for not updating so often. Lately, my husband and I have been frequenting UP Town Center and we’re trying out the different restaurants that they have there. As a huge fan of pizza and Italian food, this restaurant didn’t miss our eyes.

The pizzeria is not big, but I love how they arranged the tables and chairs making it spacious. My husband is visually impaired and he did not have a tough time walking around the place. Service is fast too and the servers are very efficient. Here is the food that we ordered.

Calamari Fritti (Php 325)
Deep fried squid rings with lemon mayo and arrabbiata sauce

Diavola (Pork) Pepperoni and Frutti di Mare Prawns, clams, scallops, squid rings, fish & garlic (Php 525)

Funghi e Tartufo (Php 440) Sautéed shiitake and button mushrooms in truffle cream sauce

All the food we had were amazing. The calamari was very tender and we loved their arrabbiata sauce. For the pizza, we had two flavors, as you can see in the photos. Both were yummy. The Funghi e Tartufo was amazing. I am a big fan of truffle oil and this pasta dish is bursting with flavor. It’s not over-powering and it blended perfectly with the mushrooms and cream.  This is definitely a must try. I should look for a recipe, so I could try this at home.

Their prices are a bit high, but overall, we loved the food and we are surely coming back to try their other dishes.

Pepperoni Pizzeria UP Town Center: 3/F Uptown Place Mall
Telephone: (02) 802-0958, (+63) 917 503 3927
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday : 10AM – 10PM, Friday to Saturday: 10AM – 11PM, Sunday : 10AM – 10PM

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February 25, 2017

If you’re like me who loves to eat and cook, you’ll be interested in this new resto in Makati. Come Forth Kitchen is a newly opened restaurant located at Jupiter St. No, I haven’t been to the restaurant, yet, but I was able to have a taste of some of the food they serve there. Just recently, I was invited to attend a cooking demonstration at The Maya Kitchen Culinary Arts Center through Mommy Bloggers Philippines. Maya’s Top Eats aims to let bloggers have a taste first of the restaurant’s popular dishes while teaching us at the same time on how to prepare them.

I was very excited when I first heard about the event. I rarely go, but when it comes to event like this, I’m game! So, come hell and high water (it was raining really hard that afternoon!), I called for a Grab car and made sure I was there right before the event started. No way I would be driving in that kind of weather!

Chefs Albert and Rowena were the ones who presented the recipes to us. Both are young and very talented! There were four yummy dishes: Tinapa Ceasar Salad (I loved that you can really taste the Tinapa fish in the dressing), Longganisa Pizza (I’m sure my family will devour this is seconds), Pulpog (Ilocos’ version of the Sisig), and Malunggay (Moringa) Basil Pesto. All the dishes are delicious and very easy to prepare. Also, the said dishes are the bestsellers at Come Forth Kitchen. These easy to make recipes are perfect for busy moms and even for the not-so busy ones. But, if you’re not up to cooking or you simply don’t have the time to prep food for your family, might as well go and visit the restaurant in Jupiter St. I promise you won’t regret it because the dishes I was able to sample are truly scrumptious. I can’t wait to bring my family there and try their other entrees.

You may check out The Maya Kitchen’s Top Eats every now and then because, each month they feature different restaurants. You can find them at www.themayakitchen.com to know more about their products and cooking classes. Come Forth Kitchen also has a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/comeforthkitchen, so you can check their latest offerings.

Coming up is my own version of the Malunggay Basil Pesto!

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February 15, 2017

Older men will often experience a dip in their testosterone level. This is very normal and a part of getting older. This can cause a number of problems. For example, men with low testosterone will often suffer from a low sex drive and a problem getting an erection. This is known as erectile dysfunction. Obviously, this can be a very serious issue that can ruin relationships if it is not taken care of. However, there is no reason that a man has to live with this problem. Modern medical science can help an older guy to feel like he is 20 years younger. The best testosterone booster reviews are out there for anyone to read, there are ways to help this issue. This can be done with the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Here are some things for you to consider when you are deciding where to get this treatment performed.

1. Has the clinic or lab that is offering the HRT treatment been around for a long time?

It goes without saying that you need to be sure the place that is giving you the HRT treatment knows what they are doing. Otherwise, you could have some unintended side effects after your treatment. You need to do some research into the background of any place you are considering for your treatment. How long have they been around? Have they ever had any lawsuits filed against them for negligence? Find out exactly who you are dealing with. Do not rely on the website of the clinic or lab to tell you everything.

2. Talk to a few previous patients to find out what they think about their HRT treatment.

It would be a good idea to have a chat with several of the people who have received HRT treatment from any lab or clinic you are thinking about using. Find out if they are happy with the treatment they have received. Would they recommend that other people go to the same place for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in the future? Did they have any side effects or problems after the treatment?

3. Will your insurance cover your HRT treatment?

You should check with your insurance provider to find out if they will cover HRT treatment. If they do, ask them to provide you with a list of approved facilities where you will be able to receive the treatment. Find out how much of the treatment they are going to pay for.

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February 3, 2017

Why lime? That’s what’s available in my kitchen when I suddenly craved for Lemon Pasta Chicken. It was already a bit late and I didn’t have enough time to drive to the market to get me some lemons. I had limes, so I thought why not give them a try? Well, it turned out really yummy, so I encourage all of you to try the recipe. You won’t be disappointed.

Lime Yogurt Chicken (healthier version)

Lime Yogurt Pasta


  • Olive oil
  • 4 chicken breast fillets, cut into pieces
  • 5 ml chicken spice to season
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 lemons, zest and juice retained
  • 2 cups plain thick yogurt
  • salt and black pepper to taste
  • 1 cup capers
  • 4 portions pasta to serve


  1. First off, heat the oil in a non-stick saucepan and brown the chicken, adding spices to the chicken as you go.
  2. Remove the chicken from the pan, add the water to deglaze, and keep on the heat while whisking all the goodness from the bottom of the pan to create the base of your sauce.
  3. Add the lemon juice and zest; then add the yogurt and mix through until heated and incorporated. Don’t overheat, just keep it on the stove until the yogurt has heated up nicely, and add more seasoning and the herbs.
  4. Remove from the heat; add the chicken pieces and mix.
  5. Serve with pasta, cauliflower mash or mashed potatoes. Add extra lemon zest for garnish. Serves four.

So there you go guys, it’s healthier, but still creamy and yummy.  I hope you’d try the recipe and let me know what you think. Meanwhile, I leave you now because I still need to check out the guitar center baton rouge my son is asking me to check. Happy cooking!

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December 30, 2016

Remember those days in kindergartens or in schools where kids used to enjoy swings, see-saw and slides? And can you remember the bruises, scratches and cuts because of the accidents or falls from these playground equipment? Sometimes it was better to

Many of the modern kindergartens and schools are equipped with safer playground equipment. Modern parents are more safety conscious and more protective of their children. These playground equipment can be placed both outdoor and indoor. Like playing with toys or end up playing ping pong  a safe game, for more info visit  pingpongtablereviews.com

If you are planning on setting up a kids’ school or if you are thinking of upgrading the playground equipment for your existing school then you would like to consider the following products.

You can view many other playground equipment here at Inflatable-zone.com among many other websites selling playground equipment.

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December 9, 2016

A fun business to start if you like sweet treats is an ice cream business. You can open your shop in a small store so that it has a cozy environment or in a large store so that you have space to put multiple freezers, tables and serving stations. These stations can be full of toppings that include fresh fruits, sprinkles, sauces and other items that customers might want to add to their cups of ice cream or the cones that they get. You want to get a few supplies before opening to make serving and storing ice cream a little easier, such as 3 gallon ice cream tubs, cups of all sizes and containers that you can put in the freezer when the ice cream isn’t being served or so that you have a backup in case you run out of a popular flavor.

One of the first things that you should do is research the ice cream business in your area. You want to find out the kinds of ice cream that people like and what the competition would be in the area as you want to serve something that is different and that stands out from the other shops. Find out about the costs that are associated with starting the business as well as the paperwork that needs to be completed with the health department and the city before you open. If you want to operate an ice cream cart, then you need to get a mobile permit so that you can take your products to various locations.

Search for a location where you will get the most business. Try to find a spot near a park or near an attraction where there are children or families. If you live in a warm climate, then you’ll find that your ice cream business will likely do better as customers will want a way to cool off. You need ample storage space for your ice cream as well as dipping stations where the ice cream will be stored so that customers can view what you have to offer. When decorating, you should use bright colors that entice people to enjoy ice cream as well as small tables with chairs that are bright in color as these can put people in a better mood for enjoying the sweet treat.

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December 9, 2016

Many people understand the importance of their personal appearance and have no trouble spending money on clothing, haircuts, jewelry or makeup. Another area worthy of consideration is your smile. Are you happy with it? Are your teeth and gums all that they could be?

Why You Should Invest in Your Smile?

In the United States, smiling is important. It’s a way of connecting with people and showing that you are friendly and open to interacting with them. When your teeth and gums look healthy, your smile takes on a whole new quality. It not only improves your overall appeal but makes you look healthy, successful and like somebody who cares about their appearance.

In recent years, there have been many advances in the area of cosmetic dentistry. These innovations allow dentists to help their patients achieve great-looking teeth and gums. In fact, these improvements are possible even if an individual has serious issues with their mouths, such as missing teeth, severe discoloration, obvious crowns or teeth spacing issues.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the practice of improving the appearance of a person’s smile. While good oral health habits, such as brushing, flossing and regular professional cleanings can go a long way, there are other procedures that can make an average smile absolutely stunning.

These procedures include tooth whitening, bonding and veneers, and even invisible braces. An expert Park Slope Cosmetic Dentist, such as Dr. Ronald I. Teichman, can help you identify any issues with your teeth and gums and recommend a course of treatment that can truly enhance the way you look.

In general, these procedures are relatively straightforward and do not require a lot of time spent in the dentist’s office. In fact, some treatments, such as teeth whitening, can actually be done at home by using a take-home kit. The same goes for teeth straightening, through the use of Invisalign® transparent braces which can straighten teeth without the look of traditional wire braces.

Benefits of Treatment

Many people believe that cosmetic dentistry has improved not only their personal lives but their professional lives as well. This is particularly true for individuals who have to work with the public and whose personal appearance is very important to job success. Many of these people have found that the time and cost of getting professional dental treatment are offset by an increase in career and salary potential.

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