February 8, 2018

Ever since I’ve tried the Tamarind Smoothie for the first time, I’ve been addicted to it. So, I’ve searched the internet for the best Tamarind Smoothie recipes and so far, this is my favorite.

Tamarind Smothie


  • of frozen Tamarind pulp
  • mixed berries
  • 1 banana
  • about 1/4 cup of kefir
  • romaine lettuce
  • water
  • stevia to sweeten


  1. Just throw everything in the blender and mix.

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February 8, 2018

In today’s modern competitive world where mental stress and work pressure is eating human brain like an intestinal worm, riding a motorcycle is one such activity which can provide one with a thrilling and wonderful experience. Riding instils a feeling of control and calmness in one’s mind, which is why people get a feeling of pure joy after a long ride to the mountains or somewhere fascinating. Another reason to feel this unlimited joy is because of the adrenaline rush that the bikers get at every twist and turns while driving the motorcycle.

The hormone endorphin released because of this adrenaline rush is what improves one’s mood and soothes one’s soul. Riding a motorcycle gives one a feeling like a very heavy weight has been lifted off the shoulders. This feels exactly like the meditation because while riding one has to concentrate on their body position and movement of bike, thus transferring them to live in at present moment without worrying about the past and the future problems like money and job. One is full taken while riding and clears one’s mind like a blank slate. This is why it is not a surprise why a lot of people are obsessed with motorbikes.

The feeling of wind kissing on their face, the feeling of independence and freedom and the feeling of being on an adventure is what turns the motor on for a lot of people. Apart from the thrill seekers, when one really analyse the present day traffic conditions and the oil prices, using a motorcycle for everyday transportation makes a  lot of sense. If one live in a city, where lane splitting exists, riding a motorcycle to work will save a lot of time without getting the frustration one get when stuck in a traffic jam.

Not only does travelling to work on a bike saves time but it also saves a lot of money because motorcycles being greener choice of transportation has double or twice the fuel efficiency of most efficient cars. Buying an electric bike can reduce one’s fuel cost even more significantly. But like all the machines which need proper care taking and maintenance, bike needs a lot of maintenance.

So it is best for bikers to learn basic maintenance things like when parts of the bikes needs to be changed or when the tyres need to be changed in order to facilitate safe driving and avoid any mishaps. Since one has to change their ATV tires sooner or later, choosing a good replacement for one’s vehicle can prove to a daunting task if diligent research is not done. Bikebandit.com not only provides cheap Atv tires but also provides authentic tire reviews while can help bikers significantly.

Not only cheap ATV tires, but Honda Atv parts and Cheap ATV parts are also in stock. These Honda ATV parts are enlisted with full specifications. Although bikebandit.com provides cheap Atv parts but it does not mean that the quality of the product is of lower grade. So hope on to bikebandit.com for exploring the ongoing sale on these parts.

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February 8, 2018

Cannabis Sativa is the scientific name for cannabis which comes under the Cannabinaceae plant species in the flora kingdom. Cannabis is known from different names in different areas of the world pot, marijuana in America, ganja, Indian hemp, hashish in India but weed is the most widely known name for cannabis around the world. The reason why consumption of cannabis give such psychoactive effects is because it contains THC, a chemical compound.

There are many ways to consume cannabis. The leaves and the flowers of the cannabis plant can be dried and then smoked using a bong. These dried leaves and flowers can be hand rolled into a joint and smoked or it can also be baked in cookies. The plant secretions are also smoked and eaten in a similar way. There are both industrial and medical uses of cannabis. The fiber derived from the cannabis plant is used in textile industries as a raw material called industrial hemp.

Coming to the medicinal uses of cannabis, Marinol which is synthetic product of cannabis, is given to the cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy to help with nausea and vomiting. Marinol is also given to AIDS patients to increase their satiety and appetite. Cesamet also known as nabilone is another drug synthetized from cannabis for helping cancer patients in various side effects of chemotherapy.

Besides cancer and HIV/AIDS various athletes and bodybuilders also consume cannabis to help them with muscle spasms and severe pain. One particular area in which cannabis has seen extreme growth is reducing seizures. Many countries and states have already passed bills to legalize the use of marijuana to make CBD oil to help with Dravet Syndrome patients. Dravet Syndrome is a medical condition where children suffer more than 40 prolonged length seizures per day.

Now after the legalization of marijuana almost everywhere, like every other medicine cannabis needs to be stored in proper cannabis packaging. This cannabis packaging not only maintains the freshness of the product, but its flavour and potency remains the same for months. Cannabis packaging is done with the help of the best packaging printing technologies available.

Coming out with the perfect packaging printing technologies not only took a great amount of research money, but also a lot of trial and error to see which sort of cannabis packaging works the best. The digital packaging printing solution is the best way to build up brand image which is the most essential aspect for small run products. In this type of packaging printing technology printing is directly done onto the packing.  

Although the cannabis usage pros far outweigh the cons, but one must take some precautions while using cannabis. One should not drive or operate heavy machinery until the effects of cannabis has passed away completely. Like other medicines, one should not consume alcoholic beverages along with cannabis. This would otherwise lead to impairment of judgement and increased dizziness. Also using cannabis at the time of pregnancy has also been tied up with birth defects.

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January 27, 2018

Now that the weather is starting to get warm, what better way to cool down than a glass of delicious Guinumis. This is a coconut milk based drink that’s sweet and very refreshing.



  • 2 tablespoons sago, or small tapioca pearls, cooked
  • 3 teaspoons gulaman, or gelatin, red, cubed
  • 1 tablespoon simple syrup
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk, diluted in 1/4 cup water
  • 1 cup ice, crushed, or more as needed
  • 1 teaspoon toasted pinipig


  1. Place sago and red gulaman in a glass. Add simple syrup and coconut milk.
  2. Add crushed ice and top with toasted pinipig. Serve immediately.

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January 5, 2018

Although the street food culture is not as popular in Japan compared to other Asian countries like ours, Thailand or Taiwan; you can still find places where they offer their popular comfort food. There are some places where food vendors take it to the streets in packs like the ones in Namba Walk in Dotonburi Osaka and here in Arashimaya Bamboo Grove in Kyoto where there is a sort of festival every weekend.

We arrived in Arashimaya at around 11 am. It was almost lunch time and everyone was hungry. As soon as we got off the bus, you can already see the line of food kiosks and cafes. Oh, my tummy grumbled because you can already smell the different food each shop offers.

We decided not to eat at any of the restaurants because we were short of time and we wanted to try everything that we on the streets. Here are the best dishes to look out for.

Croquet is a very popular comfort food in Japan. It’s a small fried food roll covered in breadcrumbs and containing mashed potatoes with ground meat, ham, shellfish, fish, cheese, or vegetables and mixed with béchamel or brown sauce, but in Japan, croquet is usually eaten without any sauce. It’s actually good without any sauce. It was hot (which was just perfect for the cold weather) and filling.

As soon as we crossed the Arashimaya Bridge, there were more food stalls. Our eyes feasted on Yakitori, Grilled Squid, Snow Crab Sticks, sweet corn and some other food that I was not able to identify.

Thick slice of bacon on a stick!

As soon as we left the bridge, we were almost already food. But if you think we stopped there, nope. There were just too many yummy food to try.

These roasted sweet potatoes are really sweet and soft.

Coated nuts and Osembe.

Just by tasting all these made everyone in my family full. At the bus on our way to Kinkakuji Temple, my mom bought some cherry blossom flavored mochi and chestnuts.

The street food in Kyoto are just as amazing as the ones we had tried in Osaka. I know I am biased as I love Japanese food, but most of the food that I have tasted in Japan are delicious.

Have you ever been in Japan? Aside from the very rich culture and the beautiful and historical sights they have there, the street food should not be missed.

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December 28, 2017

Dotonburi, whether it’s a week day night or a weekend, the place is always crowded. Everywhere you turn, the shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and even the food stalls are full of people. On our first night in Osaka, we made sure to visit this place first. It’s a very popular place, not just for the locals, but for tourists as well. They always say that, you’ve never really experienced real food in one place unless you try their street food. So, here’s what we had at Namba Walk.

Ramen was first on our list. We had to wait on queue for 45 minutes for their famous Shoyu Ramen. It was worth the wait, though. I don’t know about you, but Japanese food is L.O.V.E. for me. I’ve been to Japan many times and have tried many restaurants and I don’t recall having experienced a so-so food in Tokyo. Is it just my love for Japanese food?

We also had Chicken Karaage with our Ramen.

Prawn Tempura

Tempura Soba

In one of the side streets of Namba Walk, there’s this Torikara Stick stall. It’s similar to our chicken fingers and you can choose your sauce, plus they give you a garlic powder sprinkle. Go easy on the sprinkle because it’s a tad salty.

Gelato! These are the flavors we tried…


Italian Marron (Chestnut). This is a must try!

Belgian Chocolate

And wherever you are in Japan, you shouldn’t miss the famous Takoyaki. It’s very far from what we have here in Manila. Theirs is not starchy, has no fishy taste and the octopus is very tender.

Steak on a stick!

Fried Chicken and Potato


Sausage anyone?

Steak, Tempura, Sake and Beer booth

Ice Cream

Custard Cake


There were more, but I wasn’t able to take photos of them as the street were full of people. Street food is big in Japan and everything is yummy. Remember, you don’t always have to try out the pricey restaurants and cafes to fill your tummies. Everything is expensive in Japan, but you can already satisfy your food cravings through their street food.


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December 16, 2017

Not many of us know that Osaka is home to one of the largest fish markets in Japan. Just like in Tsukiji in Tokyo, they have a lively tuna auction that goes down early in the morning to get the sushi and sashimi started for the day. On our last night in Osaka before heading to Tokyo, my family decided to go back to Dotonbori because we didn’t get to explore this place a lot when we went there on our first night. The place boasts of shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, theaters, arcades and so much more. The street food they have there are amazing and if you are looking for a place to go at night when in Osaka, I suggest you drop by this place. Dotonburi is so alive at night.

For dinner, we decided to try Hi Iki Ya as I was craving for a hot bowl of Sukiyaki. It’s a small restaurant located in one of the small side streets in Namba Walk. The place is packed so we were seated at the third floor. It’s an old traditional restaurant where you have to remove your shoes (small lockers for your shoes are provided and you have your own key). Since we were a big group, they gave as a small tatami-floored room with a table that could fit us all in.

Service is efficient albeit not so fast, probably because there were many diners and as always, Japanese restos are always short on crew. I could say though, that the food we had was excellent.

This is the first time that I’ve tried Uni (Sea Urchin) and boy, it was amazing. How come I didn’t try this before? It was sweet and creamy. I promised myself, I’d eat more of this next time. That was my sister in the photo.

This was our salad. As you can see, there are fresh tuna and salmon slices, octopus, egg roe and greens.


I just love how they plate their food!


Every food we ordered were yummy and they were wiped down as soon as it hit the table. Lol. I guess when you make a living in Japan, their prices are affordable, but for us, the food is pricey, but all worth it. All of us walked out of the restaurant with a full tummy, so we decided to go around and browse the shops.

If you happen to visit Osaka, don’t miss Dotonburi. The food and nightlife there is great!

Watch out for my next post. I’ll be featuring Osaka’s street food.


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