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2023 Impact Report

“We take pride in our holistic approach, centered around the influential and potent force of baking, as we actively strive for positive change that benefits both people and the planet.”

- Karen Colberg Chief Executive Officer & Suzanne McDowell Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

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Our Vision

To inspire and share the joy of baking, building stronger and healthier communities.

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Our Mission

To create and deliver superior products and knowledge so that consumers experience the joy and passion of baking all informed by our values as a 100% employee-owned benefit corporation.

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Our Values

At all times, our work is grounded in our values of Quality, Community, Employee-Ownership, Passion, and Stewardship.

For People

A Culture of Belonging

Baking is both personal and communal. It’s a legacy of family traditions, evolutions, and, most of all, love. At King Arthur Baking Company, we believe that baking is for all, yet we recognize the exclusion and disregard many underserved communities have faced. That’s why we are committed to taking measurable steps toward making the world of baking inclusive and truly open to all.

For People

Employee Owners


Employee-Owners Volunteered

Total Volunteer Hours

Employee-Owners reached 40 max Volunteer Hours

Employee Match

A benefit for all year-round employees, King Arthur matches personal donations, up to $250 per year, to nonprofit organizations

Nonprofits our employee-owners supported with donations

Wellness Incentives

Earned by Employee-Owners participating in the Wellness Incentive Program

Employee-Owners participated

Employee Perks & Discounts

Free loaves of bread every month

Free bag of flour every month

Discount off regularly priced items at retail

For People


Joy Huang


guest blogs from underrepresented contributors

"Recipes and baking can connect us to our heritage"

Joy Huang

Taiwanese Bakery Focaccia

Taiwanese Bakery Sourdough Focaccia

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For People

Wholesale Partners


TVS is a contract manufacturer that now blends, fills, and packs a large variety of baking mixes and flour blends for King Arthur. Founded in 1967, their mission is to provide quality employment, job training and residential & community services to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

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For People


Slice of Pumpkin Pie on a plate
Quotation Marks

I didn’t wake up loving to bake pie. It took decades before I could actually hear the calling from what I consider to be the sacred dessert of Black culture: the sweet potato pie. Now it’s my mission and ministry.

Rose McGee, Founder | Sweet Potato Pie
Bake for Good

Bake for Good

Our free, STEM-based program that teaches kids how to bake bread and encourages them to share a loaf

  • Over 50,000 kids taught in 2023
  • Partnering with FoodCorps, C-CAP, Edible Schoolyard NYC

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For Goodness Bakes

For Goodness Bakes

We continued this initiative to support bakeries building community across the country

  • Fresh Brothers​
  • Bub and Grandma’s​
  • Crema Artisan Bakers​
  • Furbish Brew and Eats​
  • Larder Baking Co.

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Bake Truck

Bake Truck

Traveling to community events to spread the joy of baking and raise awareness and collect donations for local organizations
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies are the Truck’s specialty.

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For Planet

A Climate of Change

At King Arthur Baking Company, our love of the land is deeply connected to our passion for baking. And we make business decisions that center on both. We are committed to being a force for good on this planet, from the soil that nurtures our wheat to the renewable energy that powers our operations. Not just for our bottom line, but for the well-being of everyone on this earth.

For Planet

Regenerative Agriculture

A regenerative future is one where farmers - at all scales of production - are economically viable and able to invest in practices that restore and sustain the health of the soil, water, and ecosystems upon which the fertility and productivity of the land have always depended.

For Planet

Emissions Reductions

King Arthur's Greenhouse Gas Footprint
(in metric tons carbon dioxide equivalent)

In FY22 and FY23, we conducted a more comprehensive GHG inventory including Scopes 1, 2, and 3.*

Although our GHG footprint increased from FY22 to FY23, our GHG emissions intensity (a measure of emissions produced per ton of product manufactured) decreased by 5%

*Some Scope 3 categories were excluded from the analysis due to limited data availability or not being applicable to King Arthur, including Categories 8, 9, 10, 13, and 15

Greenhouse Gas Table


Emissions by Life Cycle Phase, FY22 vs. FY23
(MT CO2e)

Our biggest emissions hotspots are the wheat and milling phase and the use-phase. We purchased significantly more wheat volume in FY23 vs FY22, which is why we saw an increase in emissions in both of these categories. We are focusing our efforts on supply chain reductions, where we have control, before diving into ways to reduce use-phase emissions with consumers. The majority of emissions in the use-phase occur indirectly during the baking process.

Emissions by life cycle bar graph

Our Voice

Advocating for Food Justice

At King Arthur Baking Company, we’re working to transform our food systems to be more accessible, regenerative and just. Because we believe that everyone deserves the right to grow, sell, buy, and eat nourishing, culturally relevant food.

Our Voice

We must act now to safeguard our soil

By 2050, 90% of Earth's topsoil could be jeopardized due to accelerated soil erosion and land degradation from industrial farming practices.*

*UN Food and Agriculture Organization

2023 Farm Bill

2023 Farm Bill

This omnibus bill provides the policy and legal frameworks that make up our food and agricultural systems. Along with our partners, we helped introduce 5 marker bills to congress:

  • Soil CARE Act (H.R.5951/ S. 3023)
  • Food Supply Chain Capacity and Resiliency Act (H.R. 4873) 
  • Increasing Land Access, Security, and Opportunities Act (H.R.3955/S.2340), 
  • Fair Credit for Farmers Act (H.R.5296/ S.2668),
  • Peer Learning for Agriculture Conservation Education  (PLACE) Act

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National Young Farmers Coalition

National Young Farmers Coalition PLACE Fellowship

In March 2023, King Arthur Baking sponsored a fly-in to Washington D.C. so a group of young farmers from across the country could come together to lobby Congress for equitable climate action and land access in the 2023 Farm Bill.

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Responsible Business USA

Responsible Business USA 2023

King Arthur Baking attended Responsible Business USA 2023 in New York City with 600+ CEOs and business leaders from America’s most innovative, responsible brands to discuss how to shape the future of business and lead the sustainable revolution.​

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B Corporation

As a certified B Corporation, we’ve been transparently measuring our impact on people and the planet against rigorous standards since 2007.

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Previous five certified scores
2023*: 131.7
2022: 123.7
2019: 122.5
2016: 116.6
2014: 107.6

*Not verified by B Lab

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