Recipes to Bake with Kids

Kid-Friendly Baking Recipes

Kid's Apron

Baking is for everyone — including kids of all ages! To help you pick the right recipes for your baker-in-training (with an apron to match!), we’ve sorted these 16 recipes into a rough order by age and skill level.  

The first row offers simple batter recipes that young children can help stir, such as muffins and quick bread. The second row includes recipes with easy-to-measure-and-mix ingredients (hello, brownies!). Next, we have fun multi-stage recipes with simple decorations and straightforward frostings. The final row gives older kids a chance to be more involved with yeast doughs and filled cookies, though parents should still guide the process. 

These easy-to-follow recipes are guaranteed to make delicious memories for the whole family. And you might just discover you've got a budding baker on your hands!